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Barrington A.S. Daltrey
Attorney at Law

Occasionally I post bankruptcy topics here that may interest you.  Although I presented one of the first-ever Bankruptcy websites, there are now hundreds of such sites, professionally prepared and offering all of the basic information regarding bankruptcy.

If you wish to meet with me for a free consultation regarding filing a new bankruptcy case, please contact our scheduler at 760-479-5622 and ask for an appointment at our Temecula office!

I appear at 150 - 200 bankruptcy related hearings and meetings of creditors in San Diego each month for the Doan Law Firm.  So naturally, I recommend you to their website(s) -- and I have also posted links to one or two others.  While caseload varies, at the moment I believe Doan Law Firm files the largest number of consumer bankruptcies of any firm practicing in San Diego (and possibly also in the Orange County/Riverside area, from our offices serving those areas).  So, at the time I write this, it's likely that I personally make more appearances on consumer Bankruptcy matters than any other lawyer in San Diego.

I'm proud to say that along with that high volume of cases, I believe we do the very best work of the Southern California firms that specialize in representing debtors.  If you file a case with the Doan Law Firm that will be heard in San Diego through our Carlsbad, Escondido, La Mesa or San Clemente offices, it is likely that I will be the attorney who meets you at the hearing and shepherds your case through its final phase.  The process is a simple one, and my role is to insure that in the unlikely event a problem develops, we address it immediately.

I've asked each office to give the people I refer to them the very best VIP treatment, so be sure to mention my name when you make your appointment!

Note to potential business clients: I am now taking on a few select Chapter 11 cases for business entities, so please also schedule an appointment for our Temecula office. (Warning! These are complex cases and although the initial consultation is free, the up-front fees prior to filing will be around $25,000.  But, if some breathing space will help you save your business, you will find that the fees and costs involved are well worthwhile!)

Barrington A.S. Daltrey

Attorney at Law
San Diego / Riverside, California

Main contact no: 951-780-5131 (Please leave voice mail, as I am often in court!)


My background:  I have extensive legal experience, with a major emphasis on bankruptcy issues and litigation.  I am a graduate of UCLA school of law.  I studied bankruptcy in law school (an elective course); and I clerked for a major Century City bankruptcy law firm while in law school.  I have practiced bankruptcy law for about 30 years, including representation of debtors in complicated Chapter 11 cases, litigation of significant "adversary" and dischargeability lawsuits, as well as handling of appeals as far as the 9th Cir.  I have also engaged in significant business, real estate and environmental litigation, some of which included civil jury trials.  I've represented clients in criminal jury trials, difficult family law matters, administrative hearings regarding contractor, pharmacy and alcohol licenses; and I have also pursued civil, family law and criminal appeals.


By the way, the Daltrey Firm is a "Debt Relief Agency" according to the Bankruptcy Code and some court decisions.

Read my "Debt Relief Agency disclosures" pdf file here.





Attention Attorneys!

  • For non-bankruptcy counsel, I am available for joint consultation with your clients facing bankruptcy issues.
  • For bankruptcy lawyers,  am often available for special appearances in San Diego; and also for consultation on difficult matters, such as dischargeability issues and adversary matters.


Barrington A.S. Daltrey
Attorney at Law
San Diego / Riverside, California





(Potential Clients:  call me if you need legal services in the Riverside or San Diego Areas!! -- although my extensive court commitments prevent me from taking litigation cases, I may be able to assist you in obtaining counsel suited to your litigation needs ...)


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